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John Barrymore November 13, 2023 4 minutes
Get ready for the Amirdrassil Race to World First! With guilds from all over the world competing to take down Fyrakk the Blazing, this blog post highlights the top contenders, their events, live streams, and community achievements. Wowhead, Team Liquid, Echo, and Method are just a few of the guilds and organizations involved, so stay tuned for daily updates and recaps of the race's progress.
John Barrymore November 10, 2023 3 minutes
Introducing the Plumber addon, a game-changer for Dreamseed farming in Patch 10.2. With its customizable features, Plumber allows you to track active Dreamseed events, easily manage your seeds at Emerald Bounty spots, and improve your Dreamseed UI experience. Plus, it offers additional functions like tracking Dreaming Crests and assisting Rogues with picklocking.
John Barrymore November 06, 2023 2 minutes
This week in WoW, Blizzard shares the latest news and upcoming events, including new public events, building renown with the Dream Wardens, and a new raid. Join the Special BlizzCon 2023 Q&A for World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. Stay updated on all the happenings in the official World of Warcraft news site.
John Barrymore October 09, 2023 4 minutes
Get ready for more exciting gameplay in Diablo 4 Season 2! Blizzard is addressing community feedback by increasing the spawn rate of World Bosses and Legion Events. With improved timers and notifications, players will have better chances of encountering these epic challenges. Don't miss out on the upcoming Season of Blood, featuring the new revamped progression system and a powerful Seasonal Endgame Boss.
John Barrymore October 01, 2023 3 minutes
Discover the exciting new world events in the Emerald Dream zone with Patch 10.2. From Superblooms to Emerald Frenzies and Emerald Bounties, this post provides a detailed overview of the activities, rewards, and how to participate in these events.
John Barrymore September 20, 2023 5 minutes
Blizzard has revealed details about the upcoming Public Events in the Emerald Dream for Patch 10.2. Superblooms and Emerald Bounties are the two main events, offering players the chance to participate in major scenarios and micro events that involve helping the Ancient of Life, Sprucecrown, with tasks and growing Dreamseeds. Players can also join a special test session on the PTR realm and play alongside members of the WoW development team.
John Barrymore September 11, 2023 2 minutes
Blizzard shares the final secrets of Azeroth in their latest This Week in WoW blog post, along with upcoming events like the Pet Battle Bonus Event and PvP Brawl. Stay updated on all the latest news in the world of World of Warcraft by checking out their official news site.