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John Barrymore June 17, 2024 2 minutes
Discover what Josh Greenfield (Aggrend) revealed about the potential length of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR. Learn how the absence of World Buffs impacts testing and the implications of an extended PTR period for the community. Share your opinion on the future of World Buffs in Phase 4 and the benefits of longer testing cycles in the blog post comments!
John Barrymore June 16, 2024 3 minutes
Explore the recent update to Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros on the Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR, which now benefits Druids in various forms. Join the discussion on whether this Legendary weapon should be exclusive to Feral Druids or cater to multiple classes. Learn more about this exciting development and share your thoughts on expanding Legendary item accessibility in WoW Classic.
John Barrymore June 14, 2024 3 minutes
Stay updated on the latest World of Warcraft news, including the upcoming release of The War Within on August 26th, the Phase 4 Season of Discovery development with major raid boss updates, and the Welcome to Azeroth Bundle offering exciting in-game content. Join the adventure and discover the thrilling updates in the World of Warcraft universe!
John Barrymore June 12, 2024 2 minutes
Explore the latest developments in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR, including class adjustments, testing focus, access details for Level 60 character templates, vendors, and the Searing Basin test raid. Get a sneak peek into the changes coming to Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior classes as Blizzard seeks feedback to refine the gaming experience.
John Barrymore June 03, 2024 2 minutes
Blog post summary: WoW Classic Senior Game Producer Aggrend shares insights on Season of Discovery Phase 4 progress and reasons for limited announcements. Despite player anticipation, Blizzard is dedicated to refining Phase 4 based on feedback to ensure a strong release, indicating that more information will be shared when ready. Stay patient and stay tuned for updates on the upcoming content.
John Barrymore May 29, 2024 3 minutes
Explore the DPS rankings for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery in Sunken Temple, based on data from Warcraft Logs. Gain insight into class balance for the week of May 21st through a detailed analysis of the 95th percentile statistics, highlighting overall damage and performance to bosses. Note the potential biases and limitations in interpreting the data, providing a comprehensive view of spec standings across all percentiles.
John Barrymore May 18, 2024 3 minutes
The blog post provides updates on Blizzard's Season of Discovery, including an extended Phase 3 and plans for a PTR for Phase 4 featuring level 60 templated characters. The team also discusses increasing the power level of certain gear from Sunken Temple. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in WoW Classic!
John Barrymore May 15, 2024 2 minutes
Explore the latest DPS rankings in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery for Sunken Temple during the week of May 7th. Gain insights into class balance based on data from Warcraft Logs' Sunken Temple statistics, focusing on the 95th percentile results while also considering overall performance across all percentiles. Find out how different specs fare in terms of damage output and their roles in the meta.
John Barrymore May 14, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard released new Hero Talent Trees with the War Within Alpha, and our guide writer explores the Voidweaver Hero Talents for Discipline Priests. Discover how these talents embody a unique Cosmic Void theme while enhancing gameplay without unnecessary complexity. Read our early review and insights on utilizing Voidweaver in raiding and Mythic+ scenarios.
John Barrymore May 08, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post delves into the DPS rankings for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery in Sunken Temple during the week of April 30th using data from Warcraft Logs. The analysis focuses on the 95th percentile statistics to provide insights on the class balance, while also addressing potential biases and factors that may skew the results.
John Barrymore May 02, 2024 2 minutes
Blizzard continues to fine-tune player-versus-player interactions in their Season of Discovery, following up on recent tests with another round of PvP Damage Reduction tweaks starting May 3rd. After gathering player feedback indicating that the initial damage reduction was too strong, they are implementing adjusted rates for physical and magical damage, along with a multi-cumulative healing reduction. This testing will help enhance game balance and is open for community feedback until the next s
John Barrymore April 26, 2024 5 minutes
Emberthal's Visage Day is a blog post exploring the concept of visage forms in World of Warcraft. It follows the questline where Scalecommander Emberthal contemplates choosing a visage form with the help of Chromie and various characters sharing their experiences with identity. Ultimately, Emberthal decides that her true self doesn't need a visage, embracing her scales and accepting herself as she is.
John Barrymore April 24, 2024 6 minutes
Blizzard has released full patch notes for the latest hotfixes, including adjustments to various classes in the Season of Discovery. Changes include Druids' Natural Weapons talent affecting all damage, Hunters' Rapid Killing reducing Rapid Fire cooldown by 80%, and Paladins' Seal of Righteousness being able to deal critical hits.
John Barrymore April 23, 2024 4 minutes
This blog post explores the ongoing debate of whether the Horde or Alliance is the most powerful faction in World of Warcraft Classic's Season of Discovery. It examines the differences between the two factions, including the unique classes and racial abilities they offer, and discusses how these factors impact gameplay and player choices. Whether you're a dedicated Alliance player or a die-hard Horde supporter, this post delves into the strengths and weaknesses of each faction in Season of Disco
John Barrymore April 23, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard announces free character transfers from PvP to PvE realms in Season of Discovery for US and EU players. The transfers will be available periodically throughout the week, allowing players to switch to a ruleset that better suits their preferences. Don't miss out on this limited-time event if you want to migrate your character!
John Barrymore April 22, 2024 5 minutes
Blizzard is making class adjustments in Season of Discovery, including changes to Druid, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman abilities. These adjustments aim to improve gameplay, increase damage output, and address player feedback. More adjustments for other classes are also planned for future updates.
John Barrymore April 14, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post explores the possibility of Tauren Paladins becoming available to players in World of Warcraft Classic. Recent lore hints suggest the existence of a Tauren Paladin named Brave Stonetorch, who is devoted to the Tauren sun god, An'she. The post delves into the history of Sunwalkers, the Tauren Paladins in the retail version, and speculates on the potential opening of the paladin class to Tauren players in the future.
John Barrymore April 12, 2024 3 minutes
The Season of Discovery hotfixes for April 11 are now live, bringing various balance adjustments and bug fixes to Darkmoon Cards, classes, and specific encounters. Notable changes include increased proc chance for Darkmoon Card: Overgrowth, fixed stun effect for Cheap Shot, and addressing the evasion issue with Dreamscythe and Weaver in the Pit of Sacrifice.
John Barrymore April 11, 2024 3 minutes
Discover all the Class Runes in World of Warcraft's Phase 3 Season of Discovery with the help of Wowhead's updated guides. The most elusive Rune, Light's Grace, took a full seven days to be found, but now you can learn the steps to uncover it. A big thank you to the community members who have contributed to the ongoing updates of these guides.
John Barrymore April 09, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard has released a new set of hotfixes for Season of Discovery, addressing various issues and making adjustments to several game elements. These include fixes for specific quests, item changes, class tweaks, and adjustments to dungeon encounters. Take a look at the details of the latest updates.
John Barrymore April 09, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard has introduced new Account Restrictions in Season of Discovery, preventing new accounts or those with recently added game time from trading with other players, using the auction house, or sending in-game mails until 30 days have passed. While initially intended for Season of Discovery realms, this restriction has been affecting players on Classic Era servers as well, prompting Blizzard to investigate and find a solution.
John Barrymore April 07, 2024 3 minutes
In this blog post, we delve into the elusive Runes in Season of Discovery, including the mysterious Rune of Light's Grace for Paladins. We also discuss spotty information and bugs associated with other Runes for different classes. If you're looking to contribute to Rune discoveries and learn more about these mystical artifacts, check out our comprehensive Rune Guides for each class.
John Barrymore April 06, 2024 3 minutes
Discover a new questline in World of Warcraft that allows Goblin and Gnomish Engineers to learn recipes from the other specialization. After completing various quests and tasks, players can earn Engineering Exchange Tickets and unlock recipes for the opposite specialization. Find out how to obtain these recipes and level up your engineering skills.
John Barrymore April 06, 2024 4 minutes
Blizzard has released hotfixes for Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft, addressing issues with Leatherworking quests, the Sunken Temple raid encounters, and Nightmare Incursions. The hotfixes include adjustments to enemy health, fixing spawn issues, and reducing gold rewards for elite missions.
John Barrymore April 04, 2024 3 minutes
The Season of Discovery enters Phase 3 with exciting new features, including level expansion, new talent points, the Sunken Temple raid dungeon, and the discovery of new runes and abilities. PvP enthusiasts can look forward to increased ranks and new rewards, while players of all levels can enjoy the Discoverer's Delight experience buff. Join the adventure and embrace the new challenges and rewards in this latest phase of Season of Discovery!
John Barrymore April 03, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post analyzes the DPS rankings for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery in Gnomeregan, using data from Warcraft Logs. It provides a perspective on the current state of class balance, highlighting potential biases and factors that may skew the rankings. The post also includes overall statistics and links to class guides for Phase 2.
John Barrymore April 02, 2024 4 minutes
Learn about the new Dual Talent Specialization Trainer, Grendag Brightbeard, added in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic. Discover where to find Grendag in Ironforge and Orgrimmar, and be cautious of a combat bug that can cause you to lose gold without learning the dual talent specialization. Note the updates from Blizzard regarding Grendag's availability and location.
John Barrymore April 02, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the addition of the Dual Talent Specialization Trainer, Grendag Brightbeard, in Phase 3 of WoW Classic's Season of Discovery. Players can learn a second talent specialization for 50 gold, but need to avoid purchasing it while in combat to avoid losing the gold without gaining the dual talent. The blog also provides updates on changes to Grendag's location and temporary removal from the game.
John Barrymore April 02, 2024 5 minutes
The blog post discusses an IGN interview with the General Manager of Warcraft, John Hight, where he talks about the future of the Warcraft IP. Topics covered include the possibility of more Warcraft movies, licensing the IP to other studios, focusing on World of Warcraft, the success of the Season of Discovery, and sustaining the game for the next 20 years.
John Barrymore April 02, 2024 3 minutes
This Week in WoW: Get ready for the launch of Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3, explore the Sunken Temple, and participate in the Noblegarden event. Plus, find out when the Wrath Classic PvP season will end. Stay updated with all the news and events in World of Warcraft!
John Barrymore April 02, 2024 4 minutes
This blog post explores the updated stats found on level 40-50 dungeon drops in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. The changes aim to better suit the intended classes, with reductions in spirit and increases in spell power and adjusted weapon stats. The post lists the specific changes for drops from Zul'Farrak, Uldaman, Maraudon, and Blackrock Depths.
John Barrymore March 26, 2024 5 minutes
The blog post discusses the Phase 3 update of the Blood Moon event in Stranglethorn Vale, introducing new rewards for players. The post provides a comprehensive guide on the event, including information on the new class-specific items and their effects for each specialization.
John Barrymore March 26, 2024 2 minutes
The upcoming Phase 3 of the Season of Discovery brings exciting changes to leveling and experience gain. Players will enjoy permanent experience buffs, new ways to level up, and the removal of certain repeatable quests. Get ready for the Nightmare Incursions PvE event and gear up for an enhanced leveling experience!
John Barrymore March 25, 2024 3 minutes
Season of Discovery Phase 3 introduces exciting updates to Professions, including uncapped Skill levels, new quest chains, and powerful Nightmare Armaments. Additionally, players can expect surprises like reusable flasks and Specializations, as well as reduced costs for certain crafting recipes. Get ready for an immersive crafting experience starting April 4!
John Barrymore March 25, 2024 4 minutes
Blizzard has shared a Phase 3 Preview video for Season of Discovery, showcasing new features like 6 new runes per class, a new outdoor PvE event called Nightmare Incursions, and a 20-player raid with 8 bosses, Sunken Temple. Players can level up, earn talent points, and unlock new abilities, runes, and PvP rewards in this exciting update.
John Barrymore March 25, 2024 2 minutes
This blog post from Blizzard highlights the upcoming events and updates in World of Warcraft. It includes information about the Season 4 PTR, the release of Season of Discovery Phase 3, and the Wrath Classic events. Stay tuned to the official World of Warcraft news site for more details.
John Barrymore March 18, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post discusses the thoughts and reflections of the development team on Season of Discovery Phase 3 in the game. It explores the impact of design choices on leveling and how it differs from the original WoW experience. The post also touches on the challenges and lessons learned from the diverse player base and the potential future directions for the game.
John Barrymore February 29, 2024 2 minutes
This blog post explores the return of Xal'atath, the mysterious Void entity, in Season of Discovery Phase 2. Through a quest chain involving the Shadowy Figure, believed to be Xal'atath, players obtain a Charged Voidcore, which creates a debt owed to Xal'atath. The post speculates on the nature of this debt and what it may mean for future content.
John Barrymore February 27, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard is implementing a 100% experience bonus for leveling characters in WoW Classic, allowing players to reach the max level of 40 faster. They are also reducing the cost of mount training and increasing the base gold reward from quest rewards below level 40 to compensate for the decreased time spent leveling.
John Barrymore February 27, 2024 3 minutes
Blizzard has released a Season of Discovery Developer Update, discussing the implementation of the Discoverer's Delight XP Buff, level 60 raid size adjustments, and level 60 itemization changes. The blog post also highlights upcoming changes to XP gain, gold costs, and quest rewards to enhance the leveling experience. Additionally, the team addresses the debate around raid size at level 60 and seeks player feedback on balancing the enjoyment of different playstyles.