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John Barrymore October 10, 2023 6 minutes
This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the reworked Throne of the Tides Mythic+ dungeon in World of Warcraft. It highlights new abilities on trash and boss encounters, including dangerous trash packs, annoying oracles, and challenging mechanics on each boss fight. The post also includes tips for navigating the dungeon and strategies for success.
John Barrymore October 10, 2023 5 minutes
Patch 1.2.0 brings major changes to the Necromancer class in Diablo 4, with offensive and defensive buffs to minion abilities, passives, and aspects. The update includes new affixes, changes to skills, passives, and paragon glyphs, as well as adjustments to minion damage and resistance.
John Barrymore September 15, 2023 2 minutes
Patch 10.2 PTR introduces hotfixes and tuning changes for Assassination Rogue and Windwalker Monk's Tier.Class Tools, including adjustments to talents and specializations. Find out all the details and how these changes will impact gameplay in our latest blog post.