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John Barrymore April 30, 2024 3 minutes
The blog post introduces the Northrend Cup, a new dragonriding racing event in World of Warcraft. Players can participate in 13 races across Northrend and earn rewards such as the Icy Drake Racer's transmog set and the Northrend Racing Completionist achievement. The post also provides details on where and when to start the event.
John Barrymore April 25, 2024 4 minutes
Discover exciting new achievements and challenges in The War Within expansion of Dragonriding Races. Explore four of the major world zones and strive for Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals in each race variant. Can you conquer all the races and achieve top rankings in this thrilling update?
John Barrymore January 18, 2024 4 minutes
Experience the thrill of dragonriding races in the shattered remnants of Draenor with the Outland Cup. Embark on 13 challenging courses in Normal, Advanced, and Reverse variations, and earn unique rewards such as the Manuscript of Endless Possibility that randomizes your Dragonriding customization each time you mount. Let the competition begin!
John Barrymore October 07, 2023 4 minutes
The blog post is a guide for the Eastern Kingdoms Cup, a time-limited dragonriding race event in World of Warcraft. It provides tips on reviewing and improving race runs, using UI addons to enhance racing performance, and highlights community content creators who offer helpful tips and showcase their own race runs.