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John Barrymore February 13, 2024 4 minutes
This blog post analyzes the DPS rankings during the week of February 8th for Phase 2 of the Season of Discovery in Gnomeregan. Using data from Warcraft Logs, the article provides a perspective on class balance, although it acknowledges biases and limitations in the data. It also includes a chart showing results for all percentiles to give a broader view of spec performance.
John Barrymore February 10, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post provides an update on the Wowhead team's research progress in discovering Rune locations for different classes in Season of Discovery Phase 2. They have found most of the runes, except for one Paladin rune, and are continuously updating their guides with new discoveries.
John Barrymore February 09, 2024 3 minutes
Season of Discovery Phase 2 in World of Warcraft brings new Rune locations for various classes. The Wowhead team has been working hard to update their guides with the latest discoveries, and community members have been instrumental in providing data. Check out the progress on Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior Runes.
John Barrymore February 07, 2024 6 minutes
In this blog post, the Warcraft Logs team reflects on Phase 1 of Season of Discovery and discusses the challenges they encountered, such as spec detection and encounter standards. They also outline their plans for Phase 2 and invite readers to join the discussion on Discord or contact them via email for any questions or support.
John Barrymore February 06, 2024 3 minutes
This blog post covers an interview conducted by The Comeback Kids on Youtube with WoW Classic developers Nora Valletta and Josh Greenfield. The interview highlights various aspects of Phase 2 Season of Discovery, including the absence of Dual Talent Specialization, increased resistances in Gnomeregan, new enemy encounters in Stranglethorn Vale, and Blizzard's considerations for implementing quality of life features. It also touches on lore-related questions and advice from Blizzard.
John Barrymore February 06, 2024 3 minutes
Scottejaye's exclusive interview with WoW Classic developers Clayton Stone and Ana Resendez delves into the highlights of Phase 2 of Season of Discovery. From improvements based on lessons learned in Phase 1 to new runes and the Gnomeregan Level-Up raid, this article compiles the key information you need to know.
John Barrymore January 30, 2024 2 minutes
The blog post discusses the details of the lockouts in the Gnomeregan raid during Season of Discovery Phase 2. It explains that there will be a longer lockout period for the first two weeks to accommodate hardcore players, allowing them to raid right away after reaching level 40. This compromise aims to prevent slower levelers from missing out on too many lockouts.
John Barrymore January 30, 2024 4 minutes
Phase 2 of WoW Classic Season of Discovery introduces a new 10-player raid dungeon called Gnomeregan, with six bosses and exciting new loot, including weapons, armor, toys, and item sets. The dungeon also offers a new world buff and a profession quest chain for crafting more powerful items. Players will have the opportunity to acquire elusive items through vendor tokens, providing options for customization and enhancing gameplay.
John Barrymore January 30, 2024 5 minutes
Blizzard has released a preview of Season of Discovery Phase 2 for World of Warcraft Classic, showcasing new raid information, dungeon updates, PvP events, and profession updates. The preview includes details on the Gnomeregan raid dungeon, boss updates, new loot and item sets, PvP event The Blood Moon, PvP matchmaking adjustments, Ashenvale updates, profession expansion, and a change regarding GDKP runs. Season of Discovery Phase 2 will launch on February 8.
John Barrymore January 23, 2024 6 minutes
This blog post explores the most impactful new spells and talents gained between levels 26 and 40 in Phase 2 of Season of Discovery. It delves into the classes that will see the biggest improvements, such as Warlocks, Warriors, Druids, Rogues, Mages, Shadow Priests, and Elemental Shamans, highlighting their new abilities and their potential impact on the meta.
John Barrymore January 16, 2024 4 minutes
Get ready for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery in the game, as it brings a new level cap and new consumables for level 40 characters. While we don't know about any new items yet, here's a comprehensive list of the best consumables available in Phase 2 that we already know exist. From food buffs to potions and elixirs, item enhancements, and bandages, this guide has got you covered. Plus, check out class-specific Rune guides for a complete gaming experience.
John Barrymore January 15, 2024 4 minutes
This blog post discusses the upcoming Phase 2 of Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft and presents a wishlist of runes and abilities that players would like to see introduced. Each class is covered, with ideas ranging from enhancing existing abilities to adding new ones that fill gaps in class design or add flavor to the gameplay. The post explores potential additions for Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks, and Warriors.