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John Barrymore April 18, 2024 3 minutes
Game Producer Josh Greenfield, also known as Aggrend, reached out to players on X (formerly Twitter) to gather feedback on upcoming class changes in Season of Discovery. The Season of Discovery team is actively listening to player feedback and aims to balance the game before Phase 4. Suggestions on improving various classes, such as Shadow DPS, Survival Tree for Hunters, Holy Paladins, Sword Rogues, and Warriors, are requested.
John Barrymore November 12, 2023 3 minutes
Blizzard is seeking player opinions on game balance for Season 2 of Diablo 4 in a new survey. The survey asks players to rank their enjoyment of Season of Blood and whether progressing their characters in Season 2 has been more enjoyable than Season 1. Additionally, players are encouraged to provide general feedback on any improvements they believe could enhance the Diablo 4 experience.